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Welcome to what promised to be a very, messy, post. I had an idea that i would make a list of games, i absolutely enjoy the frak out off, and that i think you might not have ever heard of or tried.

To stretch this out, i’ll add 5 games per list, so we don’t overwhelm you with information.

I’ll give a small summary of the games premise, my view on the game and why i think it’s awesome, and then a link to make a purchase or download for games that are no longer available for purchase.

With that in mind, lets begin the journey into the gem hoard.


No. 1: Warhammer endtimes: Vermintide. – GET this game now. If you loved Left 4 dead at any point in time, you’ll love this game. It’s set around the skaven invasion of the empire in the world of warhammer, as a 4 person team is going through mission after mission of infested town districts and desperately trying to stay alive while clearing their objectives. It’s a point A to point B game, with branching pathways and deadends, where solo play often lead to a quick death. The setting is amazing and well depicted in this title and you really get the feeling of dread as you traverse the narrow and winding streets. BEST played with 3 friends that have a method of voice communication. DLC is only required to start a DLC map, not to play it.


No. 2: Sunless Sea – Get this game now(GOG account link,also available for steam). Know HP.Lovecraft? loved his stories? Sunless sea is as lovecraftian as you get in modern writing. You are a Zealor in the underzee, where ports such as Fallen london and the steel republic await your patronage and the secrets of the black underzee are yours to unlock and retell at your own peril. You take on the role of a zeecaptain that seeks to earn enough echoes(money) to retire from the dangers of the zee, Or explore it’s secrets and history of it’s peoples. Either way the narrative branching and sometimes scary story lines will test your resolve all the way. Either way, if you enjoy a good LONG book and wish you could have more influence over the narrative it presents. Sunless sea is an amazing choice.


No. 3: This War of Mine – Get this game now. Ok real talk. I don’t know what a warzone is like. I can’t imagine the horrors of being shelled all day and fighting to get your next drink or next bite to eat to stay alive. I can’t say i’d understand the moral compromises this game makes you take to play it. But i can say it does it well. It’s a survival manager game where you try to hold out in a makeshift shelter during a civil war outbreak. No one knows how long the conflict will rage, but you have to eat, sleep, drink, scavenge and survive regardless. How you do that, is up to you. I both hate this game and love it to pieces. It asks impossible things of it’s player and pulls no punches as to the actions you can take to survive. (DLC includes Children as playable survivors. I haven’t had the guts to play that.)


No. 4: Warframe – Free to play here! Ok i’ll sneak this one in, because it’s a damn fine example of what game devs can do without thinking about how to max their profits. Warframe is the most polished free to play game i’ve ever seen, and to this day i’ll still say it rivals Destiny (and destiny 2) in gameplay as well as graphics. You are essensially a space ninja, awoken to once again save the sol system from wars that would threaten to tear it apart and destroy worlds. Fight your way alone or in groups of up to 4 players through missions against 3 different waring factions that all want to see you dead, picking up modifications and materials that allow you to progress further out among the stars. Ally yourself with cabals that seek to further their own agenda for the “greater good” and access even mightier weapons and modifications. I can’t say enough good about this game. Even the buisness model is fair and pro player, as everything in game is grindable and not locked behind paywalls and dlcs. ONLY thing you must spend money on is platinum(premium currency) to buy more slots for weapons, warframe and such. Though many mods in the game can be sold on the in game market for platinum and thous grinding can still make this a completely free game.


No. 5: Guild of Dungeoneering – Get this game now. Last we have a deck building, expanding dungeon, permanent death, humor game. You are the guild master, of the guild of dungeoneers! your job is to remove baddies from dungeons and get rich while doing it, so you can expand your guild and attract better idio.. i mean adventures to your hall. Your rivals the guild of heroes are doing a much better job then you though, so the jobs you can offer your patrons are either the more risky, dangerous, pointless, harmless jobs that the guild of heroes shy away from. It’s good fun and once you get the hang of the system you’ll want this for your phone as well.


So that’s my list of 5 games i think you should go get and try right now. I’ll be back with 5 more at some point since i have a whole bunch i want to talk about and share with you guys.


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